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Amazing Book for those who want to start something of their own

The 4-Hour Workweek - Timothy Ferriss

I have recommended this stunning book it to everyone who is looking for something more in their life. The principles mentioned in this book are timeless and very easy to understand. It has changed my concept of retirement and saving money for the future. I have learnt how to eliminate most of my daily non-productive hours.

Reading this book will definitely change the way you live and work. I especially liked chapter 12 of the book “Disappearing Act”. In this chapter Tim explains how Dave Camarillo, lifelong employee, had cracked the code and started his second life. How he escaped from his office life and started venturing in to different parts of the world.

After reading chapter 9 “Income Autopilot I”, I figured out how to start earning online with keeping my day job. Took the lead from this chapter and I get associated with Clickbank and Amazon Associates and started working as their Affiliate. Even I have created my own website http://fibroidsnaturaltreatment.org for the same purpose.

Thank You TIMOTHY FERRISS for changing my life forever!